2023 Reynella Football Club Senior Committee

The Reynella Football Club welcomes and congratulates the following people for being elected as the club’s senior executive members for 2023.
  • Sis Inthavong – Club President
  • Bill Threadgold – Club Vice President
  • David Willoughby – Club Treasurer
  • Tania Inthavong – Club Secretary
The following people will also join the football club as part of the senior committee to help run the club in season 2023.
  • Brendan Varnham-Harrison
  • Chris Sanderson
  • Daniel Schultz
  • James Niven
  • Jason Brennan
  • Lorrae Jolly
  • Sarah Burton
  • Sarah Lapere
Social committee members
  • Hayley Humphrey
  • Janice Ellsworth
  • Kerry Reid

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