Minis 2020 Season

The Minis program will be starting on the 2nd of May. There is plenty to organise before hand and we are looking for volunteers to be part of the Minis Committee for this season. Sis Inthavong is the Mini Coordinator and he requires a team to help him run the program for season 2020.
We need to have 6 to 10 volunteers to become part of the Minis committee to help with the following roles through the season.
– Minis info day & registration day
– Preseason Training times and session
– Team and coaching allocations
– Fundraising through the season
– Helping out during presentations
– Organising events and end of year celebrations
The Minis Committee will only meet 4 to 5 times a season and for 1 hour to discuss what need to be completed.
If you can help please email or call Sis on 0438698029.
We are looking at holding the first Minis Committee meeting on Friday the 17th of Jan at 6:30pm at the club.
The Minis program is a very important league for the Reynella Football Club and we need more volunteers to help.