Congratulations to our 3 teams that made the Grand Final and WON.

It was a record year for  Reynella winning 4 Grand Finals in season 2015. The club is proud of all our teams who were fantastic this season and we look forward to you all returning next year.

Michael Doughty and Rod Smitheram announced post match to their team mates that they will be hanging up their boots on a high.

Michael has been Fantastic to the Club since returning after hanging up his AFL boots, both on and off the field. Michael leaves Reynella having a positive impact on our club and bringing us to a higher level of professionalism.  Thank You Michael for returning to us and giving us 3 quality years.

A Grade – Reynella 18:7 (115), Brighton 8:8 (56)

Goal Kickers: J. McEntee 5, C. Bradwell 3, C. Ellison 3, A. Broadbent 3, C. Semple, J. Carter, M. Doughty, R. Mahony
Best Players: L. McEntee, C. Ellison, R. Mahony, R. Frick, A. Broadbent, S. Bradshaw

James Warren Medal Best on Ground: Luke McEntee

B Grade – Reynella 10:5 (65), Brighton 5:5 (35)

Goal Kickers: G. Dart 5, E. White 2, B. Caruso, C. Wood, S. Would
Best Players: D. Prescott, C. Wood, G. Dart, R. Burge, R. Smitheram, T. Crack

Ken Donne Medal Best on Ground – David Prescott

U16s – Reynella 11:11 (77), Happy Valley 4:6 (30)

Goal Kickers: T. Davies 3, B. Potter 3, B. Marshman 2, D. Arnold, D. Roser, S. Whitbread
Best Players: D. Arnold, B. Potter, T. Thomson, C. McDonald, C. Braithwaite, C. McGree

R.W. Oliver Medal Best on Ground – Bradley Potter

U16 Sun: Reynella 11.4 70 def Brighton 7.6 48

Goal Kickers: M. Scotland 2, T. Bullen 2, M. Andrews 2, J. Furler 2, W. Gregory, J. Manuel, Z. Harris
Best Players: J. Manuel, M. Scotland, T. Walden, W. Gregory, B. Walter, A. Whykes

John Hall Medal Best on Ground – Jonty Manuel







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