Reynella Football Club would like to Thank All its Volunteers and Support Staff in Season 2018.

Reynella fielded over 20 teams in 2018 with over 400 players taking to the field in 2018.

To support so many players and teams it takes an amazing group of volunteers who make this happen every weekend.

Every game , is reliant on many volunteers – coach, runner, timekeeper, first aider, boundary umpire, goal umpire. Without these positions filled games will not commence.

Other roles we need to fill at Home Games – Canteen, BBQ, Gate, Scoreboard, Oval Maintenance.

Our volunteers are dedicated people, who give up much of their time – working hours equivalent to second jobs to make this all happen.

If you do not understand how much work is involved in running a Football Club please speak to our Volunteers who can tell you first hand how much work and time they put in.

Please consider getting involved in season 2019.

Thank You Volunteers

Reynella Football Club also needs to thanks all of its sponsors. Without Sponsors we cannot keep fees low.

Every year the club needs to pay fees for team registrations, player registration, player insurance, venue fees, club maintenance, footballs, jumpers.

Running a Football Club is NOT CHEAP, our sponsors make it much easier for us to support all our players and teams to make the field.

Thank You Sponsors – you can find a full list of sponsors Under Sponsors – 2018 Sponsors