Juniors – U17.5, U15, U13

Sat Juniors: U13, U15, U17.5

Medical Information: Juniors Medical, Warming Up: WARMUP_2

Preseason: Begins in February for U15, U13, dates below in age groups. Please come to trainings ready to work hard.

Season Starts: Saturday 14th April 2018


All Players are Required to Register with the Club as well as the league. If you have not registered with the league, you will be unable to play.

For help registering please speak to Sis Inthavong, Brenton Walter or Dave Denyer at training or alternatively email: reynella.wineflies@outlook.com.

Age Restrictions: 

  • U13: all players need to be turning 13 in 2018
  • U15: all players need to be turning 14 or 15 in 2018

Facebook Groups

  • Reynella Juniors: U15, U13
  • Reynella U17.5’s
  • Reynella Photos

Please Note: settings are private, you will need approval to join. Due to previous years having unwanted people from other clubs in groups.


  • Training: Monday and Wednesday, begins 12th Feb at Wirreanda HS
    • Note: 12 and 14th Feb will be for those born in 2005 only, the following week those born in 2006 can come out
  • Coach: Steven Besley
    • Assist Coach: Lindon Pope
    • Assist Coach: Ty Delean
    • Patron: Stephen Keam (offer one on one match day advice)
    • Senior Players: Match Day Game Mentors
    • Dean Knightboard: Cross Training Sessions
  • Sat Game Time: 8.15am

Preseason Guidelines:

  • Be able to perform: 10 push up and 10 sit ups
    • Will perform 40 a night in 10 lots
  • 7 min Rule
    • Sustain Maximum Effort for 7 min under pressure
  • Work on both skills on both sides of the Body
  • Box Jumps
    • 20 per Night: help with hamstrings, balance
    • DO NOT: perform on concrete

U13 Program 2018:

  • Aim:
    • No kids to be lost from footy
    • Merge our minis to an inclusive environment
    • Environment to teach life skills
    • Want our players to better themselves and push up to higher level of football
    • Develop Character: Values, Respect, Development
  • Performance Base Program
    • Attitude, Development, Effort, Techniques
    • Self Development
    • Embrance Challenge
  • Moto:
    • Work Harder Without the Ball
    • Value the Ball when in Possession (control the ball)


  • Training: Monday and Wednesday, begins 5th Feb at Wirreanda HS
  • Coach: Reece Thompson
  • Game Time: 9.35am


  • Training: Tueday and Thursday, please see Senior Preseason until Christmas
  • Coach: Shane Kraemer
  • Game Time: 11.10am




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