Medical Form: Reynella Football Club Medical Form


Minimum Requirements: Current First Aid & CPR Certificate, DCSI Screen

Club will arrange DCSI screen and will reimburse First aid for those committed to taking on the role of trainer for at least one of our teams.

Further Training Available: workshops, courses

Why Become A Trainer:

Being a trainer keeps you involved with the team and keeping close to the action. Feel the ups and downs of a season with a team/s. Being a trainer makes you part of the team family and has all the rewards of being part of our family.

Reynella Football Club Recommends ALL Players Have Ambulance Cover.

Player Welfare Investment:

  • Mouthguard
  • Foam Roller – stretch out muscles at home
  • Massage – help relief tight muscles
  • Physio or Chiro as Required

Managing Sports Injuries:

Resources of Interest:

All Players and Parents Should Be Familiar with the RICER & NO HARM Principle to be followed as soon as any player sustains an Injury.

RICER: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, Referral (if required)

  • Ice for MAXIMUM 20min at a time every 2 hours for the first 72 hours.
  • If there is No Improvement in the first 72 hours, get a medical assessment.

NO HARM: heat, alcohol, running, massage

  • the above will increase blood flow to the injured site, and slow down recovery
  • we need to get the heat out of the injured site
    • use the back of your hand to feel the injured site for heat, continue icing until it feels normal

Sports Tape & Medical Supplies:

IDM Sports: 8371 5794 Unit 1/54 Maple Avenue, Forrestville