Coronavirus – COVID-19

Message from SANFL

Enquiries continue to arise with the monitoring of Coronavirus – COVID-19 and how it impacts football clubs and leagues, particularly as the season approaches.

In short, at this point in time, the key message is that there should be a strong focus on basic hygiene and a vigilant approach to potential symptoms to mitigate risk – however, there is no cause for panic.

SANFL will continue to monitor the situation closely and be guided by the Australian Government Department of Health and the advice they release as well as the AFL. SANFL will provide updates regarding any change to the current status, if and when that situation and information arises.

Important Key Messages

To reiterate, the key messaging at this point in time remains as – there is no cause for panic and prevention strategies as we would implement during our regular flu season is key:

  • If you feel unwell, stay at home
  • Hygiene – regular hand washing and dispose of tissues.
  • If you have been to any of the identified countries in the alert over recent weeks, follow the guidelines and recommended isolation protocols issued.

Further Information & Alerts
In summary, SANFL will monitor alerts via the government issued national health alert updates, as should clubs and leagues, and will respond to any direction given to us regarding infection control protocols as they arise.

For more information about protocols and restrictions advised by the Department of Health please follow the SA HEALTH COVID-19 UPDATE

Note from Dept of Health : as of 11am, 12th March 2020 only 126 cases have been confirmed in Australia, 8 of these cases have been identified in South Australia. 116 of the reported cases nationally are directly related to overseas travel or known contact with overseas travellers.