Update on COVID-19 restrictions 30/6/2021

Good news is it has just been announced that SA will not be in lockdown due to the positive results returned by a returning Miner from the NT – we do hope that the Miner and his family make quick and full recoveries.
The restrictions introduced however do remain in place for the remainder of this week at this stage.
For this week only the Club has taken the following precautions to ensure that we are compliant with the restrictions.
🏉 Tables and chairs inside the club have been set up to reflect our maximum numbers inside the club both upstairs and downstairs – no seat you will need to step outside until one is available and please do not move or add chairs to the current table settings
🏉Presentations for this Saturday we are asking that Under 13 and Under 15 Saturday sides do their presentations after the game please – Coaches and Team managers will co-ordinate these with the teams
🏉Please ensure if you are in the club you are seated unless you are getting a drink or food – there will be NO STANDING at the Bar or elsewhere in the club our numbers are restricted inside to the number of seats we have placed around tables.
🏉Please ensure that you scan in using QR code or register on forms provided – all clubs have been visited by Police on numerous occasions and Fines will be handed out to individuals
🏉Please ensure that no matter where you are playing this weekend (Saturday or Sunday) please comply with the home clubs requests from officials and let’s work together to ensure all at the Footy have an enjoyable day – Footy is mostly run by Volunteers and we should respect those that take on these roles.
Good luck to all teams lets have a big weekend across all grades. Most importantly stay safe !!