Team of the Year

SFL Team of the Year: Top Vote Getters in SFL B&F. Congratulations to the Reynella Players who have made Team of the Years

A Grade

  • Luke McEntee
  • Jason Farrier

B Grade

  • Scott Goldspink
  • Matt Guitink
  • Eyre White

C Grade

  • Nick Bradwell
  • Brody Thomson


  • Sam Krushka
  • James Lawrence (SFL U17.5 Leading Goal Kicker)
  • Dylan Roser
  • Mitchell Scotland
  • Matthew Tassell

U15 Sat

  • Lachlan Inthavong
  • Nick Kraemer
  • Ethan Speziale

U15 Sun

  • Michael Comley
  • Talon Copley
  • Harrison Gardner
  • Kyle Pengilly


  • Jack Delean
  • Kaleb Harrison
  • Cameron Kirkland
  • Joshua Klenk
  • Ky Vayro
  • Jye Williamson
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